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Beauty Salon Mystery Shoppers

Beauty Salon Mystery Shoppers

Flavo discreetly detects gaps in your beauty business and puts together a plan of action to help you outshine your competitors and maximise your potential.

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What is 'Mystery Shopping'?

Mystery Shopping is a check during which a mystery shopper goes to the business as a client and experiences their services. The Mystery Shopper makes a judgement on the everyday work & customer service at a salon without revealing himself or herself to its staff members.

The main aim of the mystery shopper is to collect and make a professional judgement on being a customer of a salon.

Mystery Shopper’s reports back to management with feedback and analysis. The information provided to management is useful for businesses who want to improve their services and expand their business.

The approach and behaviour of Mystery Shopper is positive towards staff and confidential, with no third parties involved.

What is Mystery Shopping

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Mystery Shopping Survey

Which would best describe your current position?

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I am the owner of a salon

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I am a beauty salon manager/ senior therapist

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I am a beauty therapist working for a salon on the payroll

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I am a self employed beauty therapist working for a salon

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I am a self employed beauty therapist working for myself


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Please note, if this matter is regarding mystery shopping we suggest to provide any number other that salons, as we like to remain as discreet as possible.

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How Do We Help with Mystery Shopping

How do we help?

After initial discussion we develop tailor -made questionnaires to suit your business needs considering the size of your business and area of expertise.

Any information collected is strictly confidential to you and under no circumstances shared with any third parties, meaning you can be sure your information is safe with us.

Questions are not asked directly of staff, answers are derived by observation in order for Flavo to find any areas of concern in the business and produce optimal results.

Business owners are welcome to provide us with te questions to which they would like answers.

Beauty Courses

We are qualified educators in beauty here at FLAVO which means we can offer some of the industry leading courses in beauty.

We have an in-house expertise in beauty training accredited by The Beauty Guild and ABT (Association of Beauty Therapists).
We can also offer further professional development to enhance skills of your staff members. We can cover full range of abilities from beginners onwards.

We offer training in the most popular beauty treatments.

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Social Media & Marketing

Consultation services regarding Health & Safety, GDPR, Marketing and Social Media for beauty related service industries.

We can pass on considerable experience and skills we have gained in using social media and marketing: customer feedback, awareness of your brands, bonding with your clients, facilitates consumer feedback, user generated content, free and easy to distribute and perfect for news, updates and offers.

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Website & Leaflet Spellcheck

We can spell check your website and leaflet documents to ensure they are the most effective marketing material for your business.

Our experienced people can check and make suggestions by:

  • Proof reading leaflets
  • Proof reading content of your website
  • Putting together content for social media or website
  • Suggesting marketing prices suitable for your salon

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